Start your Maileg mice collection

There has never been something more fun than collecting Maileg mice! The small toy mice are fun to play with or just decorate your house with. If you want more, then you can separately buy furniture for them. Have a look at some cute pictures where the wonderful Maileg mice pose.

Little toy mice camping.
Little toy mice house filled up with mice.
Toy furniture and a toy pig sitting next to the furniture.
Maileg Mice in a toy house next to a bed.

If you want to start your collection, then come look at our Solaris shop or online at for a variety of mice and furniture.

Earn 85 Designnut points
Earn 125 Designnut points
Earn 95 Designnut points
Earn 125 Designnut points
Earn 60 Designnut points
Earn 70 Designnut points
Earn 165 Designnut points
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