We offer free deliver in Estonia to a package automats on orders over €50!

All products marked as in stock usually ship within 24 hours on workdays. Products available on back order typically ship in 1-2 weeks, but in some cases it is possible to deliver in 2-3 days if you are in a rush. Please contact us if you need quick delivery.

Designnut ships to every country in the world except United Kingdom, assuming of course that shipping lines are open at the time of purchase. Shipping rates to most EU countries and many non-EU countries are automatically calculated in the shopping basket. For countries where we do not have the shipping costs in the system, we will send you an invoice with the exact amount to be paid.

Exact shipping charges are calculated in the shopping cart where you can also see expected delivery times.

Approximate delivery charges:

Destination From Up to Delivery time
Estonia €0.00 €7.89 1-3d
Latvia €6.99 €12.49 2-3d
Lithuania €7.99 €12.99 2-4d
Finland €11.00 €21.00 1-5d
Rest of EU €20.00 €28.00 4-9d
Rest of the world €20.00 €40.00 4-20d

Note: Approximate prices. For deliveries to countries outside the EU we will calculate the exact shipping cost and send you an invoice to be paid via PayPal or through bank transfer. We will also deduct Estonian VAT which amounts to 20%. The customer is liable for any import tax applicable. It might not be possible to ship bulky items to all destinations.

UK customers

The UK government has decided that all businesses wishing to sell to UK customers must register with HMRC and pay VAT and other charges on every order with no minimum. This is prohibitively complex and expensive. Sadly this means we can’t serve our customers in the UK at this time.  The 135£ rule There is an exemption on orders over 135£ where the recipient can be responsible for paying levies. If you wish to order under this rule please write us an email. Please investigate the fees and charges involved in advance. They are significant.