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Greentom’s mission is to create smart, functional and sustainable products. To colour the world and the future of our kids a little (okay, preferably a lot) greener. The next generation is in focus, both literally in a simple safe stroller free from BPA, Phthalate, PVC, and Parabens, but also in the wider sense through a stroller made from 5.5kg high-quality recycled plastic and 74 recycled PET bottles. After use, the Greentom products can be recycled and reused and thereby creates no additional waste, a true circular solution.

But the Greentom stroller is also a joy to use. It is light and smooth running, in bright joyful colours and an award winning design, receiving the reddot award in 2016 among other accolades.

Tasu kolme võrdse maksena 3 x 74.40
Teenida 1115 Designnut punktid
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